Publications by Helen Sandler

This page is about my fiction and poetry. For journalism and copywriting click here.

I’ve written two novels:

The Touch Typist (Diva, 2001), a tale of sanity, secrets and cybersex, which Ali Smith described as ‘funny, witty, moving’.

Big Deal (Sapphire/Virgin, 1999), a lesbian erotic romp so explicit that the Sunday Times called for it to be banned from Smiths. ‘Believe me, it’s the deal of a lifetime’ – Guardian.

I’ve edited three collections of short stories for Diva Books, two of which won Lambda Literary Awards in the States. They are:

The Diva Book of Short Stories

Groundswell: The Second Diva Book of Short Stories

Necrologue: The Diva Book of the Dead and the Undead

I’m part of a family of writers and we celebrated that fact in 2011 by bringing out an anthology of poems and flash fiction by myself, my mother Maureen and my sister Rosie, called The Full Heritage Experience.

Most of these books are out of print, so the links above are for second-hand copies on the evil Amazon, but I hope to reissue some of them as ebooks.

My poems and short stories have appeared in magazines and journals including DIVA, Smoke, Brand and Chroma.

I also have stories in various anthologies, including the lesbian and gay collection Boys & Girls (ed Paul Burston), and From the Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea – offbeat responses to the London Olympics. You can buy direct from the publishers by clicking the links.

I love giving readings and compering spoken-word events so please get in touch if you’d like to invite me along!